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Fox News

The graphics package for Fox's "Owned and Operated" affiliates throughout the U.S. was redesigned for national consistency for the first time in 2006 by the staff of Fox News Channel.

The master look was explored and evolved by our art director and a small team over the course of a month. By the time the first city was complete, the graphic elements were set. The mass-production of segment animations and localized master graphics could then begin in truth.

Most segments' direction was made by the individual 3D animator tasked, with limited reworks kicked back when the client-office had different expectations. Thus the many 'Hot Pursuit' iterations in the above reel, which were created for the Los Angeles bureau. The first few "elaborate" animations envisioned wouldn't be warranted in their market as chases are so common a story. Once the best—and shortest—solution for the client was built to their satisfaction, the earlier products found success in other markets.

The 'Panda Progress' animation was a goof for coverage of a new bear at D.C.'s National Zoo. It was rather difficult fitting a literal "warm and fuzzy," interest-story graphic into our brand new, techy package. So I let the new look lead the way and everyone seemed pleased with it's silliness.


Joseph Shingelo, art director