domhnallóg ódonnchadha odonnchadha

Remote Windows

Traditional mobile newsgathering is being disrupted by new technologies and viewer-generated content. While generally to the betterment of providing newer/rarer/cleaner visual information to viewers, it can just as easily cause difficulties regarding the expectations of visual quality.

These animations were designed with a dual purpose. The first is the very basic role of a window in which video can be set back at a smaller scale to a television's full 16x9, thus allowing footage and feeds to air less "up-ressed" and "lossy." The second is to loosely inform the viewer of the technology involved in those footage and feeds, hopefully offsetting diminished expectations regarding the quality.

For instance, a set might look cheap, like a person sitting in an ill lit home office because he or she is on Skype and is in fact in his or her own home office. Also, cellphone footage can be jerky & disorienting and satellite feeds will drop in & out when someone is reporting from a war zone or just driving under a bridge. These graphics say, "We know. Please bear with us."

The animations exist without resolves and/or descriptions as well. So producers can judge whether to run the informative bit or just use the straight loop as coverage warrants.

Art Direction