domhnallóg ódonnchadha odonnchadha

Mapping Compilation

An assortment of the varying methods used to map a scene for a story.

Maps and setting diagrams for news are typically created during or just after the event they detail or to explain something in the past of consequence. Thus, these products are more than normally limited by an ideal turnaround time, research and elements ready-to-use. But honestly, quality research is typically the majority component in a successful result.

In either a breaking news infographic or a recreation, a lower level of visual detail (modeling/texturing) is permissible in an animation so long as the effort has been put forth getting the factual & technical details on point.

Most television viewers have difficulty envisioning the circumstances of a disaster a few states away, let alone a fire or a firefight on the other side of the globe. Pictures can tell much of the story but an infographic can convey the entirety or the severity of a story quickly, simply and dispassionately.